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You work hard throughout your life building asset just to ensure the financial safety for you and your loved ones. But have you ever thought what would happen to your asset on your sudden demise? Here comes the importance of estate planning.

What is estate planning?

Estate planning refers to the passing assets or investments down from one generation to another. You decide how much of your estate (including property, car, financial investments, personal accolades, etc) you want to pass on and to whom.

What is a trust?

A trust is an agreement between the settlor and the trustees to transfer the legal ownership of assets or property to the trustee with the obligation that the person would enjoy all the benefits of the beneficiaries, as specified in the trust deed.

Why are estate and trust planning important?

Dying intestate can leave your family in various complications. There can be serious disputes amongst family members over your estate. It can be much more devastating than you think it could be.

 Trust & Estate Planning

Everyone wants to get a bigger pie in this ruthless and materialistic world. Money matters the most, and it can make or break relationships easily. This is why making the right strategy for your estate is highly important so that everyone gets what they deserve in your absence.

estate planning

Some myths and their truths about estate planning:

  • Myth 1
    • Estate planning is only for wealthy
    • Estate planning is essential for all to maintain a happy and healthy relationship. It is nothing but passing down your assets to your choice.
  • Myth 2
    • I should go for estate planning only after retirement
    • Life is unpredictable. So, the earlier you plan, the better it would be. With the right estate planning, you can divide your asset into your loved ones.
  • Myth 3
    • I have registered my nominees. So, there is no need for estate planning
    • This is not certain that your nominee will be the owner of your assets. In the absence of a will, the transmission of assets happens as per the country’s succession law.

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MH Business Consultants is the name of reliability, trust, and authenticity when it comes to choosing the best estate and planning advisor in Gatineau. We analyze your estate and wealth and help you make the right decision with estate and trust planning. Our experts are always there to help you learn the right among the myths.

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