Let All Your Financial Job Done Efficiently with the Top-Quality Accounting Services

When it comes to finding the most well-known firm in Quebec, MH Business Consultants tops the list. At MH Business Consultants, we service both the individuals and businesses in Gatineau, the city of Quebec. We believe accounting is the language of every business, and without proper knowledge of it, managing your business accounts is almost impossible. Small and growing businesses often spoil their own success and growth due to weak accounting and reporting.

MH Business Consultants is specially designed to solve this problem for small and growing businesses. Our list of accounting services gives you the tools to manage your business efficiently at a low cost. We learn about your business through the most basic bookkeeping functions and develop the knowledge that can help you in financial forecasting, project management and company financing to grow your business through bank loans or private debt or equality.

Accounting Services
Why MH Business Consultants?

Why MH Business Consultants?

As a small business owner, your responsibility is to ensure your business success, which is definitely not smooth. The financial situations become the major challenge for you. MH Business Consultants assist you to overcome all your challenges just like a partner. We establish effective business operations and plan for profitability. We also assist you with short-and-long-term strategies tailored to your business.

The broad business knowledge and financial expertise make us the most trusted advisor for financial and tax planning, accounting services, and business valuation.

2. Our accounting services:

We offer the widest range of accounting services to our clients. Our accounting services include but not limited to

i) Bookkeeping Services:

  • Accounts payable (vendor invoice tracking and bill payment)
  • Accounts receivable (customer invoice billing and collection)

ii) Payroll Service:

  • Direct deposits
  • Federal & State payroll tax deposits
  • Federal & State tax filling
  • Reconciliation of credit card or bank statements

iii) Year-end reports:

  • Profit & loss statement
  • Balance sheet statement
  • Cash flow statement

iv) Cost control
v) Auditing

Apart from the above, we fix all accounting issues to ensure a flawless account is maintained. Get in touch with us today to run a successful business by maintaining all your accounting work with ultimate efficiency and meet all your business goals.